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"Pink Is Coming Back To Europe" (article from ImNotDead.Co.Uk)

All you fans longing for P!nk to head back to the region need to wait only a few days longer!

P!nk will be back to kick off her summer European festival tour this Saturday when she plays Malahide Castle in Co. Dublin.

Get ready for a stripped down set with a new set-list, it will be shorter than the two hour IND arena tour but worth every second as it is all about the music!

If you have not bought a ticket to see the lady herself then where have you been? and what are you waiting for?

After this festival leg, P!nk will be heading back home to the U.S for a much deserved break after being on the road for almost two years! So here is your last chance for a while to see one of her amazing live shows.

There are a few tickets available at selected venues, so check one of the following outlets:

Ticketmaster or tel: 0870 151 4000

Ticketline or tel: 0151 256 5555

See Tickets or tel: 0871 220 0260

Below is an updated version of P!nk's forthcoming schedule:

23-06-2007 - Malahide Castle, Dublin, Ireland
26-06-2007 - Göteborg, Sweden
27-06-2007 - Göteborg, Sweden
28-06-2007 - Skopje Festival, Skopje, Macedonia
30-06-2007 - Bestival, Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania
01-07-2007 - Akedemik, Sofia, Bulgaria
03-07-2007 - Grazer Stadthalle, Graz, Austria
05-07-2007 - Tivoli, Lubljana, Slovenia
06-07-2007 - Burg Clam, Austria
07-07-2007 - TW Classic, Werchter, Belgium
11-07-2007 - Open Air, Mösle Stadion, Götzis, Austria
12-07-2007 - Moon & Stars, Locarno, Switzerland
14-07-2007 - Fitzgerald Stadium, Kilarney Festival, Co Kerry, Ireland
15-07-2007 - Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, Scotland
16-07-2007 - Summerpops, Aintree Pavilion, Liverpool, England
18-07-2007 - Marktplatz, Lorrach, Germany
19-07-2007 - Fly Beeyond Festival, Athens, Greece
21-07-2007 - Open Air, Pop Im Park, Soltau-Hanover, Germany
22-07-2007 - Münsterplatz, Ulm, Germany
25-07-2007 - Cavea Auditorium, Rome, Italy
26-07-2007 - Paléo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland
28-07-2007 - Castle, Mannheim, Germany
29-07-2007 - Festplatz, Teisnach, Germany
05-08-2007 - Sporting Summer Festival, Monte Carlo, Monaco
08-08-2007 - Lokerse Festival, Lokeren, Belgium
10-08-2007 - Sziget Festival, Óbudai Island, Budapest, Hungary
11-08-2007 - Heitere Openair, Zofingen, Switzerland
12-08-2007 - Taubertal-Festival, Rothenberg, Germany
17-08-2007 - Open Air, Schlossplatz, Coburg, Germany
18-08-2007 - V2007 festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford, England
19-08-2007 - V2007 festival, Weston Park, Stafford, England
25-08-2007 - Gerry Weber Stadion, Halle - Westfalen, Germany
26-08-2007 - Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
28-08-2007 - Odense, Denmark
29-08-2007 - Bergen, Norway
30-08-2007 - Sommergarten-Messe, Berlin, Germany
01-09-2007 - Beatstad Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands
02-09-2007 - Terres Rouges Festival, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg
05-09-2007 - Ambassadors of Rock, Dubai Media City, Dubai
19.6.07 22:35


Dan Methews, from PETA and also a friend of P!nk, wrote a book, which is filled with tales about his escapades on behalf of animals with and without the help of some of his famous pals—think Pamela Anderson, Morrissey, Tommy Lee, Andy Dick, folks like that. Here's a short story that Dan wanted to share with y'all about how he first met Pink.

Interestingly, I first got hooked up to Pink not through PETA but because of a girl I knew who worked in a trendy thrift shop, named Laura. Laura is one of my west coast punk chick pals, who also knew Pink, and when Pink exploded into the charts a few years back she hired Laura to help manage her. Laura knew that Pink was a dog nut, rescuing strays, but hadn't thought much about veg and fur and such, so she hooked us up. I first met Pink at her birthday party at a roller rink where she made sure to offer veggie dogs. That's when she mentioned to me that Prince William had invited her to play at his b-day bash. I told her he had just returned from a hideous hunting trip, so she instantly wrote a letter saying she'd only play if he stopped hunting, and gave us the letter to publicize. Pink always hated doing press, but as soon as reporters started asking her about animal rights, she loved it and we've done many things since, such as an anti-KFC campaign called "Kick the Bucket".

Source: blog.peta2.com
Thanks: iheartpink.org
19.6.07 22:34


P!nk performed with Metal Skool in the Key Club it was an awesome performance!

Ricky was a young boy, He had a heart of stone.
Lived 9 to 5 and worked his fingers to the bone.
Just barely got out of school, came from the edge of town.
Fought like a switchblade so no one could take him down.
He had no money, oooh no good at home.
He walked the streets a soldier and he fought the world alone
And now it's

[Refrain - 2x]
18 and life You got it
18 and life you know
Your crime is time and it's
18 and life to go

Tequila in his heartbeat, His veins burned gasoline.
It kept his motor running but it never kept him clean.
They say he loved adventure, "Ricky's the wild one."
He married trouble and had a courtship with a gun.
Bang Bang Shoot 'em up, The party never ends.
You can't think of dying when the bottle's your best friend
And now it's


"Accidents will happen" they all heard Ricky say
He fired his six-shot to the wind that blew a child away.
19.6.07 22:32


I totaly forgot to tell all of you of the hiatus now i'm back with a new layout and updates!


Sorry for this!

So have fun now!

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I made a new link me button fits to the new layout


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These are new in touch scans

the quality is a bit low

but u can see what the press is bringing



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So finaly the new layout

i love the picture and i think it's a good one
comment and tell me what u think 

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